I am a Dutch writer, editor, publisher and teacher.

Technical writer
This is my actual profession: gathering, analysing and organising information, and writing instructive and informative texts, such as manuals, policy documents and other technical documentation. I also design forms and carry out usability tests. In other words, I am specialised in making information available (research, analysis, publishing, teaching), accessible (structuring, usability, data visualisation, editing) and interesting (writing, storytelling, visualisation). In Dutch I also write commercial copy, but in English I stick to informative and instructive texts.

I enjoy creative writing. When I have produced something I like, I publish it on this blog. Eventually, it appeared that my blogposts usually involve nature, language, poetry or education, so those are the categories that you find on this blog (if you read Dutch).
On expatinafrika.nl I blog(ged) about my experiences as expat in Africa. The blog is not about safaris, elephants, aids and aid, but about the life and lifestyles of expats in Africa. More specifically: about expat life in Zambia, Swaziland and Tanzania. Most posts are in Dutch, but you will find some English posts as well.

For many years I have been teaching Dutch to secondary school students, either as remedial teacher or as classroom teacher. My travelling has given me the opportunity to teach Dutch language and literature at various Dutch schools in my home country and abroad. As elected board member of a renowned international school I was involved in school governance, strategic planning, development of a new mission and vision, and campus redevelopment, amongst others. As the convenor of the school’s policy committee I initiated a complete overhaul of the school’s policy manual.

And then I am also a publisher, I guess. Because I have completed a publishing course and I published a non-fiction book with war memories of alumni of my secondary school. I love bringing together information and making it available in a different form, through print or digital media. My dream is to start a publishing house that specialises in user-generated content.